Why is it Better to Lay Down Asphalt Mix After Removing Concrete Driveway?

Why is it Better to Lay Down Asphalt Mix After Removing Concrete Driveway?So, how many of us honestly have asked this question to ourselves? Most of us, right?

Well, this question is common for all people- whether homeowners or business owners. Before understanding why should you lay down Asphalt after removing the concrete driveway, we must know why we need Asphalt driveways at all?

The three reasons to have an asphalt driveway are that it can be installed faster than other paving methods. It is comparatively more resistant to weather. And the Asphalt mix is not very expensive; instead, it is cost-effective. However, if you do have a concrete driveway already, then there are some challenges to overcome.

Here are reasons to remove Concrete driveway before paving asphalt mix:

The Sub Base of Concrete Driveway is Different from the Sub Base of Asphalt Driveway So, when it comes to laying down the asphalt mix, the first problem arises is the pre-preparation of the site. It is different for both concrete and Asphalt. In concrete, as the focus is entirely on strength and stability, it is better to lay down a thicker layer or slab of concrete. Thus, the contractors often skip the need to worry about preparing the base. And, there is no way to know what is underneath that concrete until it is dug up. Thus, the concrete driveway also becomes prone to sinking or shifting.

The problems that could arise when laying Asphalt over the concrete base:

  • The unprepared base
  • The prepaid concrete itself

While lying down, Asphalt needs to have a pre-prepared base. Because if Asphalt is poured on the concrete driveway, the result is the road being prone to instability. In worst-case scenarios, the shifts in the ground could crack open the entire surface. It is similar to the foundation of the house is broken.

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