Reliable Paving Services in Oakville

Paving ServicePacific Surface is your reliable resource for setup, installation, and maintenance of anything related to your pavement.

Paving Surface is a premier paving services and maintenance provider in Oakville, Canada. Being a local company, we understand your needs much more than others. We have served numerous areas in Oakville and continue to do so with full dedication and commitment. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal and we have indeed managed to achieve that right from the very first day we started. Whatever we are today is because of our hardworking and dedicated team of professionals and of course our clients too.

Our Services

  1. Asphalt paving
    Our bespoke asphalt paving services create a top-notch and beautiful surface for the long run. Asphalt paving helps to extend the life of the roads by making them weather resistant and durable.
  2. Parking lots
    Our best-in-class parking lot services help you to send across a strong message to your customers. Our services help to transform your parking lot into an asset for your business.
  3. Driveways
    Whether it is your personal home or your commercial premises, driveways are important. We are experts in various driveway services tailored to meet your requirements.
  4. Parking Lines
    We provide affordable parking lot line marking services in Oakville. Our parking lines make parking comfortable for everyone and ensure that there are no accidents.
  5. Asphalt sealing
    Our asphalt seal coating and cracks sealing services prevents damage to your pavement in the long run. Asphalt sealing keeps your pavement in top condition.

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Why choose us?

  • We make use of the latest technologies for all our projects
  • We offer the best quote to you upfront
  • We deliver the most apt solutions depending on your requirements
  • We value the money invested by you and work hard towards giving you maximum ROI
  • We work on projects of all sizes – from small residential to large-scale commercial
  • We focus on getting things done right the very first time

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