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Paving ServiceWhatever paving services you need, we are capable of doing everything.

Pacific Surface is a pioneer when it comes to asphalt paving, seal coating, construction, repairs and sweeping services. Right from our inception, we have catered to the requirements of several clients at Milton city in Canada. At Pacific Surface, we understand that the requirement of each client is different. Hence, we first conduct an in-depth research before starting any project. We ensure the best possible results for our clients using the combination of our expertise and agile methodology.

Our Services

We offer a plethora of services at Milton city in Canada.

  1. Asphalt paving
    We are experts in asphalt paving and resurfacing of roadways and parking lots. Our asphalt paving experts first study your requirements and conduct the necessary groundwork. After the analysis is completed, they chalk out a tailor-made asphalt pavement plan.
  2. Parking lots
    For most businesses, the way a parking lot is maintained speaks volumes about how a particular place actually is. Hence, it is important to have a reliable, attractive and well maintained pavement surface in the parking lots. We also pay special attention to the markings and directions to ensure complete safety in the parking lots.
  3. Driveways
    We build highly attractive and durable asphalt driveways both for your residential and commercial needs. The ease of maintenance and reliability that comes with asphalt means that your driveway will continue to look the same year after year without any major issues.
  4. Parking Lines
    Parking lines are an effective means to maximize space and organize the parking lot effectively. We make use of highly durable and long lasting paints while creating parking lines to give a real uplift to your parking lot.
  5. Asphalt sealing
    Asphalt seal coating helps to increase the life of roads and parking lots. It serves as an added layer of protection, thus enabling you to save maintenance and operational costs.

Are you looking for scheduling your paving requirements? Pacific Surface is a reliable partner that you can trust on.

Why choose us?

  • We provide top-notch Asphalt services at affordable prices
  • We aim to achieve complete client satisfaction
  • We solve all your asphalt needs from start to finish with complete transparency
  • We create a blueprint of the work before starting and share it with you
  • We are committed and focused towards completing all projects within the given deadlines
  • We offer complete maintenance and support to our clients even after the project is completed.

Hire us today and get started on your paving project now with any delay.