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Paving ServiceWe do things differently from the rest. We do it the right way.

Pacific Surface is a one-stop-shop-solution for all your paving, coating, repairs and maintenance needs. We have a great team onboard who handle even the most complex projects with ease and grace. We just don’t work to get the task completed for the sake of it, we give you quality services, no matter how small or big the project is. We are best known in Brampton for our timely delivery of projects and that’s what we focus on.

Our Services

We offer various services in the Brampton city of Canada.

  1. Asphalt paving
    We provide asphalt paving services way beyond your expectations. We undertake all kinds of projects when it comes to asphalt paving and do it right the very first time itself so you don’t have to face any problems later on
  2. Parking lots
    The appearance of your parking lot speaks a lot about your business. From major repairs to preventive maintenance, we are equipped to handle all kinds of parking lot projects.
  3. Driveways
    We create exceptional driveways within your budget and of course in the given time frame as well. We focus on building driveways that adds an appealing element to your property.
  4. Parking Lines
    Parking lines are extremely important for making efficient use of the available space in your parking lot. Our parking lines make your property safer and increase its aesthetic appeal as well.
  5. Asphalt sealing
    Our asphalt sealing services help to increase the durability and resistance of the pavement and give it the necessary stability for the years to come. We restore the seal on your asphalt pavements and give it a new fresh look.

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Why choose us?

  • We provide solutions that best suit your needs and budget as well
  • We have a highly skilled and experienced team of professionals that are trained to get any job done perfectly
  • We ensure that we achieve 100 percent client satisfaction in everything we do
  • We offer 24 x 7 maintenance and support for any concerns from your end
  • We aim at getting things right in the very first instance
  • We are completely transparent in whatever we do

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